NBA Championship chances are fluctuating amid the excitement surrounding the unveiling of the 2023 season schedule, adding further excitement to the next basketball extravaganza. The Boston Celtics are the favorites at +470, meaning a $100 wager could result in a hefty $570 win. This season is set up for an exciting start with a ton of holiday games and the inaugural NBA Cup.

The reigning champions, the Denver Nuggets, are right below them in the standings. An NBA Championship win at +480 odds would result in a $100 stake earning an amazing $480 profit in addition to the initial bet.

NBA's 2023-24 season
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Despite being the clear favorite after winning the championship last season, the Nuggets have experienced some changes. Their lineup has changed as a result of the offseason losses of Jeff Green and Bruce Brown, two players who were crucial to their success. The future of the Nuggets looks to be a mix of maintaining success and adjusting to shifting circumstances.

Additional NBA Championship odds for the 2023–2024 season

The Denver Nuggets, who are now in first place, are right behind them in the standings and have +480 odds to win the NBA Championship, which translates to a possible profit of $480 on a $100 wager. Despite their former brilliance, the Nuggets have changed, losing veterans Jeff Green and Bruce Brown, two key players in their past success.

Led by Bradley Beal, the Suns are unexpectedly the frontrunners with +650 odds, defying predictions and sparking fervent discussions among their dedicated fans. The Miami Heat, previous NBA Finals participants, are trailing at +1000, but their familiarity with high-stakes competition is well-known. The Heat’s future hangs in the balance, with the possibility of a game-altering trade involving Damian Lillard, leaving them in control of their destiny.

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