The Philadelphia 76ers and LA Lakers went head-to-head for the first time in the regular season on Tuesday at Wells Fargo Center. The anticipation was buzzing through the air as the game would feature a few of NBA’s best and up-and-coming players: reigning MVP Joel Embiid, 76ers’ outbreak star Tyrese Maxey, all-time top scorer Lebron James, and Lakers’ big man Anthony Davis.

Lakers lose to 76ers

For Lakers fans in particular, the game was quite agonizing to watch because of how much the team trailed the 76ers. With a final score of 94-138, the Lakers suffered their eighth defeat of the year.

However, as the match ended and the competitiveness wore off, Tyrese Maxey excitedly talked about how Lebron James’ work ethic hasn’t slowed down in a post-match conference.

Maxey on James: ‘It hasn’t slowed down’

Maxey, who’s been in the league for 3 seasons, has probably witnessed James’ play numerous times, in person and through the screen. But playing against the veteran king in his 21st season is somewhat of a first for the youngster. 

Playing opposite James on Tuesday, Maxey witnessed how his athleticism seemed like it never dwindled, staying true to all the titles and accolades he’s amassed in the past.

Maxey shared with the media that James remains super competitive to this day, even in terms of beating Maxey to the gym.

“His work ethic now… Year 21, it hasn’t slowed down. He’s still trying to beat me to the gym. He has…what… four MVPs, Finals MVPs, he has all those things… his accolades are through the roof,” Maxey said.

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James has always come out on top in almost everything. He has won four championships in his career during his time with the Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, and LA Lakers. And although the 39-year-old is now the oldest active player in the league, he’s still pushing boundaries, recently surpassing 39,000 points and breaking the NBA’s all-time minutes record.

“His want and drive to beat a 22-year-old to the gym who hasn’t done anything, man, that just shows who he is. Hats off to him,” Maxey continued.

Maxey also recounted the time when he would arrive at the gym only to find James already sweating profusely. Apparently, James had been trying to get to the gym before him for a whole week, getting there as early as 5 a.m.

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