Playing its first-ever All-Star game last week was Baseball United, the league that is leading the way in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Amidst the exciting encounter between the United East and United West teams, CEO Kash Sheikh acknowledged the sport’s swift expansion in the area. For baseball in these passionate and diverse communities, the league represents a huge advancement since its founding in July 2022.

Sheikh, the league’s chairman, chief executive officer, and majority owner, emphasized baseball’s quick rise in the Middle East following a triumphant opening series that demonstrated the sport’s worldwide reach and impact in the region. The league’s development is evidence of baseball’s growing prominence and presence in the Middle East, assisted by former MLB players who now hold partial ownership.

“We turned a big dream into a bigger reality. … Thank you to the city of Dubai and all our government partners for giving us an opportunity to show what we can do. There is a bright future for baseball in this region,” an article from mentioned.

Four founding teams from India, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates squared off in Baseball United’s inaugural All-Star tournament. Pablo Sandoval, the former MLB player, hit a spectacular six-run home run to lead United East to a dramatic 2-0 sweep over United West in this historic series.

Pablo Sandoval, a former MLB player, smashes a remarkable six-run home run during a Baseball United All-Star game

The East squad in Baseball United’s first-ever All-Star series in Dubai swept the West with a commanding 2-0 victory over the weekend at the storied Dubai International Stadium. Renowned MLB players such as Pablo Sandoval, a three-time World Series winner with the San Francisco Giants, were among the lineup that adorned the field.

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Famous for his legendary career with several different MLB clubs, Sandoval has made the move to the Middle Eastern League, where he cemented his influence in this thrilling new chapter of his career by leaving a lasting legacy with a stunning six-run home bomb.

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