Neeraj Chopra has enjoyed a successful 2023 campaign, snagging several titles and medals for his country, India. But while his countrymen have rejoiced in all his victories, he implies in his most recent interview that this was not enough for them to get interested in or get involved in track and field. 

Chopra on how to make track and field appealing

As reported by Hindustan Times, Chopra states that there are presently two approaches to pique Indian interest in track and field.

First off, the javelin thrower believes that broadcasting of international tournaments like the World Athletics Championships, Diamond League, and Continental Tours ought to take place in India.

According to him, his compatriots only get to watch the highlights, even though they want to watch the athletes compete. They even stay up until one or two in the morning, hoping to see the action on television, but they are disappointed when they can’t.

Chopra states that if people could watch the entirety of the competitions in which Indian track and field athletes participate, they would eventually become more aware of and knowledgeable about the sports.

The second thing the 25-year-old mentioned that might aid in the growth of track and field’s popularity is by letting the nation host international tournaments/competitions. He says that India has the same capability as Kenya and Grenada to host such prestigious events. 

“I am hopeful (that) if India can host such competitive events, more people can witness such championships in person and be inspired,” Chopra said, as per Hindustan Times.

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Chopra’s recent accomplishments

Chopra has a lengthy history of success in track and field and is well-known for his powerful javelin throws. But this season, the Indian athlete has been at the top of his game, winning every major tournament from Budapest to Hangzhou. 

Chopra’s triumph at the World Athletics Championships in August was sealed when he reached the 88.17 mark on his second try.

Last month, Chopra also won his second gold medal at the Asian Games as his explosive throw covered a massive distance of 88.88 meters in his fourth try.

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