WWE SummerSlam 2022 Date, Time India, Odds, PPV Price, Tickets Booking Details, Where to watch Live?

WWE Summerslam is a professional wrestling match that is conducted annually. This year WWE Summerslam 2022 is going to be the 35th annual summer wrestling match which is going to be performed live in Nashville, Tennessee. It is one of the biggest WWE live events that are being conducted amongst other events like Wrestle Mania, Smackdown, etc.

The Summerslam 2022 is going to be held on 30th July 2022. The match is going to be taken place at a huge indoor stadium at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. The match is going to be streamed live on different platforms for those who may not be able to come to the stadium for the live event, so have a look at the details of the slam 2022, WWE SummerSlam 2022 Date and Time India, Odds, PPV Price, Tickets Booking Details.

WWE SummerSlam 2022 Date and Time India

As the news broke a year earlier for the Summerslam 2022 produced by WWE, fans, and people have been waiting for such events to go live. The proper time is not yet decided by the officials yet, as the match is months away. Once we get to know about the timings and the other details we will update you on the same.

The match is going to be based on a fictional storyline that depicts different characters and the wrestlers are given certain roles to play such as heroes, villains, or less distinguishable characters. This is just an idea that will build in the minds of the viewers of entertainment and tension on the stage where the wrestlers are going to fight.

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PPV Price, Tickets Booking Details

The tickets for all the WWE matches go on sale months before the actual match, This is to determine the number of seats booked and available for re-sale. The officials have to keep a track of the payment and thereby decided what can be done in different situations in terms of the tickets.

In the recent press release, the Makers decided to announce the date of the sale of the tickets for the biggest Summer wrestle party 2022 to be from 22nd April 2022. The time at which the sale of tickets is open to go on sale is at 10 am CT. Fans can book seats that begin from the range of $25. The tickets will be sold on the website name, Ticketmaster.com.

Where to watch Live? WWE Summerslam 2022

In order to know more about the event details and the ticket you can simply have a look at the official website of WWE, the link also redirects you to the presale ticket opportunities.  https://wwe.com/summerslam-presale. Apart from this if you are willing to watch the event live on your TV then, you can tune into the Peacock channel for those residing in the US. For others, the event will be telecasted live on WWE Network.


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