A 27-year-old sensation, now known as Karmen Petrovic in NXT, has caught a lucky break. She may be about to partner women’s tag team champion  Chelsea Green and share the title.

Chelsea needs a replacement for her injured tag team partner, Sonya Deville. Looking for a new partner, the champion opened her Chelsea’s Got Talent auditions.

Karmen auditioned, sending in a video which Chelsea posted on social media, saying “yes” immediately, said an article on sportskeeda.com

They are not officially partners yet, but Chelsea clearly approves of Karmen.

Karmen was originally Monika Klisara, a professional karateka.

As Karmen pointed out in her video, she and Chelsea had both left Canada, chasing their dreams. She claimed she could help Chelsea retain her title, mentioning the gold medal she had won representing Canada in karate.

So will Karmen have her wish?

Will she partner Chelsea in the ring?

Fans will have to wait for the upcoming episodes of SmackDown and RAW to find out what happens next in the women’s tag team contest and whether Karmen will help Chelsea defend her title.








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