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In a dramatic change of events on the most recent WWE NXT program, Mustafa Ali delivered Dominik Mysterio a clear message after their furious confrontation. The attention was on Mysterio, who acted as the special guest referee during a crucial NXT North American Championship number one contender’s bout versus Dragon Lee.

But when Dirty Dom quickly pinned Ali at NXT No Mercy, uproar erupted. Ali was thus denied the chance to defend his belt. Ali’s warning to Dominik Mysterio adds an additional element of interest to this developing story as the WWE Universe is abuzz about the contentious finale.

Mysterio gets message

The much-awaited battle was officially announced this week, and the challenger used social media to send Mysterio a forceful message. He categorically stated that the ‘dum-dum’ would not be granted clemency in a statement that left no room for misinterpretation. The thrilling fight is about to start, promising a thrilling confrontation that fans won’t want to miss.

Ali steadfastly asserted that he couldn’t control refereeing the shenanigans by Mysterio during their encounter in an enthralling backstage interview, dispelling any doubts about his dedication to protecting the integrity of his victory over Lee.

Ali described how he quickly took matters into his own hands and dealt Dirty Dom a crushing blow after realizing his hand had been raised by a convicted felon. He did this with unyielding resolve. With unwavering resolve, Ali swore to be the symbol of NXT’s salvation, reclaiming the title that is properly his. He also promised to see to it that justice is done in the ring by reclaiming the title that is rightfully his.

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