In the middle of the general praise that Sami Zayn is receiving for his role in the compelling WWE Bloodline storyline, veteran WWE writer Vince Russo offers a controversial opinion. Russo provided a noticeably different viewpoint on Zayn’s achievements during an open conversation about the most notable people of 2023.

Russo, who disregarded popular opinion and offered an unbiased assessment of the former Honorary Uce’s performance, stated that Zayn might not be worthy of a spot on the show itself. Significantly, Russo made it clear that his position was free of bias or ill will toward Zayn, offering his evaluation through an impartial prism. With this open assessment, the conversation about Zayn’s place in the illustrious WWE hierarchy gains more content.

Russo said; “I never bought into it because it turned out exactly like you knew it was gonna turn out. Sami Zayn was never gonna beat Roman Reigns, and they were gonna give him the consolation prize in the tag titles. And like you just knew that. You knew that all along, bro, so like how can something be compelling when you know exactly what they are going to do? […] I am sorry, I am not a fan of this guy, like at all. I don’t even think Sami Zayn is worthy of being on the show,”  an article from shared.

Sami Zayn’s booking was previously criticized by the former WWE writer

Sami Zayn headlined two consecutive RAW episodes in October of this year, an unusual occurrence that coincided with a discernible decline in viewership ratings. This unanticipated development caused uproar in the wrestling world and drew harsh criticism from none other than Vince Russo.

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The well-known analyst specifically identified Sami’s significant role as a cause of the viewership drop, which sparked discussions over how Zayn’s placement in the main event affected the show’s overall appeal and audience participation.

“In the last segment, you got Sami Zayn in the main event now two weeks in a row. And last week, he didn’t draw. Why would you put him back in there? That means you don’t care, bro. When you’ve got the numbers telling you that last week’s main event did not draw with Sami Zayn, what makes you think this week’s is?” an article from mentioned.

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