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Rey Mysterio’s Hall of Fame career shone more brightly when he won his third United States Championship on an incredible WWE SmackDown programme, ending Austin Theory’s 258-day reign, the longest in a decade. And guess who could challenge Mysterio? Konnan, the legend! Or so goes the rumour.

Austin Theory’s apparent tactical blunders against Santos Escobar proved to be his downfall. Theory attacked Escobar even before they stepped into the ring. When Escobar was injured, WWE official Adam Pearce announced Theory would face Mysterio instead.

Now that Mysterio has won, defeating Theory, who will face the new champion?

Escobar could have the first shot as he was robbed of a title match by Theory’s sneak attack injuring him.

However, more interesting possibilities are being bandied about.

Could there be a return of Konnan to WWE after more than 30 years?

Konnan’s final WWE match took place in 1992, and he is well-known for his close ties to Rey Mysterio.

But he famously fought Tully Blanchard in AEW a few years back.

Konnan, 59, might cause a stir now by taking over the Latino World Order (LWO) group of SmackDown wrestlers from the new US champion, Mysterio. The entire LWO group, including Escobar, might then turn against their former leader, Mysterio.

WWE is famous for such turns and twists.

And Konnan has expressed an interest in working with the LWO.

Konnan said, “Yeah, with LWO? Yeah. They’re all my friends. (…) Every single person in the LWO except Zelina [Vega] worked for me in Mexico or worked with me,” an article from shared.

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Connan might snub AEW for WWE

Konnan, a seasoned WCW veteran, has occasionally been with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), although it appears unlikely that he will play a significant part in the company. Konnan recently acknowledged that he approached Chris Jericho, a major member of AEW, about a potential backstage job. However, it seems unlikely that he will get the job.

Former AEW star Cody Rhodes recently approached Konnan, asking him to manage Santana and Ortiz, but the deal was never completed.

According to rumours, WWE chief content officer Triple H is intrigued by the idea of working with Konnan, so the veteran could return to the fold.


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