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As Randy Orton’s comeback to the ring is still up in the air, WWE fans hold their breath. The Viper, who hasn’t competed since May last year, isn’t in WWE’s current creative plans and hasn’t been given the go-ahead by a doctor. Nevertheless, fans are speculating about Randy Orton’s likely SummerSlam comeback as the man is desperate to be back in the fray.

In a shocking turn of events, Randy Orton’s medical professionals have advised him against going back into the ring as a result of his lower back fusion surgery, a rather uncommon treatment option for professional wrestlers. But Orton is adamant about returning and has been working out hard despite the cautions.

So though there is no confirmation yet about his status for the SummerSlam weekend, those who know him have been discussing how determined he can be.

Recently, WWE Superstar Chad Gable discussed his time working with Randy Orton.

In spite of the over-the-top tone of the Spelling Bee segment on Monday Night RAW last year, Randy Orton’s professionalism shone, recalled Chad Gable with affection. Orton’s commitment to upholding his persona and his capacity for humour had a lasting influence on both fans and other celebrities.

Chad Gable is quoted as saying in an article on sportskeeda.com: “Everybody puts Randy over. I’ve done it before, I know, he’s the greatest of all time. But man, playing off of him in the ring. There was one moment specifically, I remember. It was after the spelling bee when they got the best of us. I spelled a word wrong and Randy challenged me to a match. I looked in his eyes and he was so in the moment, like in character but in the moment. He was screaming at me like he’s challenging Chad Gable. The veins in his neck and his eyes were bloodshot from screaming at me. There was sweat dripping down. It was so surreal. He looked so pumped to go into this match. He was so invested in this storyline.”

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