Former Olympic champ Gable Stevenson, who won the 2020 gold medal in freestyle wrestling, was booed by fans at the Great American Bash. He needs mentoring by Kurt Angle, said former WWE superstar Mark Henry.

Angle, the 1996 Olympic freestyle champion, later reigned as champion at both WWF and WWE, where Steveson just had a rocky start.

“Gable Steveson’s first-ever WWE match will be remembered for all of the wrong reasons,” said Cultaholic after he brawled with Baron Corbin at the Great American Bash.

The fans, who generally boo Corbin, turned against Steveson. “You’re not Angle,” they shouted.

As the fighters brawled, the referee called the match off as a double count.

Steveson sent Corbin crashing through the barricade and standing tall but was booed by the crowd.

There can be no questions about the prowess of the former Olympic champ Gable Steveson, but he still needs a mentor to shine in WWE, said Mark Henry.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Henry said about Steveson, “He needs the proper mentorship. I think they are waiting on the office to do it, they’re waiting on the writers to do it. The writers are not in the ring. The writers are not in front of the people. The boss cannot come to the ring and say, ‘Hey guys, we’re paying this guy a lot of money. We want him to get over with you, here he is.’ It’s gonna go off like somebody taking a dump in church,” an article from

“You almost have to bring Kurt Angle back to be his manager and say, ‘He’s not me. He’s better than me,” said Henry.

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Will Gable go to college?

The question is, what next? Will Steveson take a break from professional wrestling? Fans and experts are speculating about his future direction. Will he return to college to complete his education and prepare for another shot at the Paris Olympics? That’s the question on everybody’s lips — everybody following the 23-year-old who has already won an Olympic gold medal, that is.

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