Triple H

Triple H has taken over 99% of the creative and programming choices for WWE in a move that is game-changing and bodes well for the company’s future. After Triple H’s highly regarded position as Chief Content Officer, fans are thrilled about the new perspectives his leadership brings, even though Vince McMahon still has some sway. The revolutionary improvements that this new era of professional wrestling is expected to bring are eagerly anticipated by fans of the WWE.

Is Triple H a great mind?

EC3 fans said “If it is true, Triple H has a great mind, obviously, for the industry and the business, and I think, as the booker, there’s so much out of his control, not out of his control, but probably why he can’t oversee. But I think grandiose long-term vision, that something that Triple H has. I think Vince probably is best utilized in a role where he chimes in and has that power where he can defer, which was an issue for so many years that he wouldn’t defer anything from creative to business,” an article from shared.

Vince Russo chastises Triple H for the RAW booking choice.

Vince Russo didn’t hold back on the most recent episode of Legion of RAW, criticizing The Game for an incomprehensible move. Russo questioned why L did not stand in the ring to back his partner Johnny Gargano in the RAW match against Ludwig Kaiser. Fans of wrestling were left wondering what would happen in the exciting RAW plot with this sudden absence.

Russo said; “And you’re going to sit there and tell me Triple H is a great booker? Really bro? He just painted a picture where these two guys were just brought together last week; they are going to reform their tag team, that Ciampa is just sitting at home knowing damn well that Gargano is going into a three-on-one situation, and I guess they are not close enough to show up and have his friend’s back,”  an article from mentioned.

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