Dolph Ziggler

After an incredible 19 years with the WWE, during which time he won two World Heavyweight Championships and an NXT Championship, wrestling legend Dolph Ziggler  (Nick Nemeth) announced his departure.

Now, rumors are rife about his future entry into AEW and possible union with his brother Ryan Nemeth. In the meantime, EC3, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, challenges Ziggler openly, guaranteeing a thrilling match that fans eagerly anticipate in this next round of wrestling intrigue.

An NWA star proclaimed their willingness to sacrifice their belt in their own organization on The Wrestling Outlaws show in a stunning disclosure. This bold declaration, which Dr. Chris Featherstone and veteran WWE writer Vince Russo made during a lively conversation, sent shockwaves through the wrestling community and hinted at a momentous occasion in the history of the sport.

“I happen to be running the Exodos:Pro in Cleveland, Ohio,” EC3 stated. “Now, before he goes and makes any crazy decisions signing long-term deals or anything, I think he deserves to feel an intimate environment in his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, so in the next 90 days I would welcome Nick Nemeth to challenge me for the NWA Heavyweight Championship in Cleveland, Ohio, and have a nice, fun journey home. I think that would be very lucrative, fun, cool, and fulfilling.” in an article from shared.

Vince Russo desires that EC3 confront Dolph Ziggler and another newly-released talent

Elias, a passionate fan and nine-year WWE veteran, was recently let go at the age of 35. Vince Russo, a devoted supporter, is looking forward to seeing Elias battle EC3 for the NWA championship; the contest promises to enthrall spectators with its unbridled talent and enthusiasm.

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Elias’ extraordinary talent and character were highlighted by EC3, who expressed his sincere affection for Elias on both a professional and a personal level. Additionally, EC3 gave a possible explanation for why WWE fired Top Dolla, giving some insight into the circumstances of his termination.

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