CM Punk

CM Punk is eyeing a WWE return, contemplating a comeback at the Royal Rumble and potentially a WrestleMania showdown, ideally against Kevin Owens, who WWE intends to feature in 2024. Punk’s departure from AEW due to backstage disputes had fans speculating about a WWE comeback.

Recently, KO and Zayn faced off in WWE action, losing their titles to Damian Priest and Finn Balor, sparking a feud with RAW’s villainous stable. As rumors circulate about Kevin Owens’ ambitious plans, including a solo world championship run and a clash with CM Punk post-comeback, fans are thrilled yet cautiously optimistic, recalling past hopes and urging patience. The prospect of the eight-time champion featuring in a major storyline next year is electrifying.

Dominik Mysterio and Kevin Owens, two prominent heels, will take center stage in RAW’s creative narrative for the upcoming year. Their charisma and strategic prowess are set to dominate RAW’s storytelling, captivating wrestling enthusiasts and elevating the WWE arena’s drama.

An ex-WWE writer criticizes Kevin Owens’ RAW gaffe

Jey Uso’s misplaced kick in a recent RAW bout cost Kevin Owens and Jey Uso their victory against The Judgement Day, and Owens was obviously upset as he left the ring. On Legion of RAW, former WWE writer Vince Russo criticized the segment, saying it lacked intrigue and that the dialogue between KO and Jey was superfluous given the episode’s predetermined ending.

The story of Kevin Owens’ journey within the WWE is expected to unravel to the delight of the audience. Jey Uso’s recent appearance on Monday Night RAW has created an exciting new element of intrigue.

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How this development will affect the chemistry between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, two former rivals who are now buddies on the red brand, is what has everyone curious. For devoted WWE fans, Monday evenings are a must-watch because wrestling fans are on the edge of their seats, anticipating the twists and turns that this new plot may bring.

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