Top 10 Best Soccer Commentators Of All Time

10. Alan Parry

Alan Parry

Alan Parry is a well-known sports commentator and one of the "Big Four" of the Sky Sports commentary crew. Parry began his broadcasting career with BBC Radio, covering English international and league games as well as European competitions. In 1981, Parry made the transition from radio to television commentary. When he joined BBC TV, that was.

09. Ray Hudson

Ray Hudson

Ray Hudson, a former footballer and manager, is a top soccer analyst. Hudson's soccer commentary is unmatched. Hudson's sport experience makes him a great commentator. Hudson's great soccer expertise stems from his time with New Castle. Hudson was also a coach.

08. Seb Hutchinson

Seb Hutchinson 

Black soccer commentators are rare. Seb Hutchinson is one of the world's top soccer pundits. This brilliant man is a great soccer commentator. Hutchinson is a freelance sports announcer employed by media corporations for Soccer events.

07. Karen Carney

Karen Carney

Karen Carney is today's lone female pundit. Carney is one of the top female soccer commentators.  Her soccer experience comes from playing for England, Arsenal, Chelsea, Chicago Red Stars, and other clubs. Carney was the first female 5Live co-commentator. She covered Premier League Match Day 3 then.

06. Ian Darke

Ian Darke

Ian Darke, a legend, is ranked sixth among the best soccer pundits. Darke is member of Sky Sports' "Big Four" commentary crew. In this field, he's a big deal. Darke started at BBC Soccer in 1980. He did soccer, athletics, and boxing commentary. 

05. Clive Tyldesley

Clive Tyldesley

Clive Tyldesley is another great soccer commentator. Tyldesley is a top English pundit.  Tyldesley was an exceptional rookie commentator for Radio City and Granada. He covered ITV match reports afterward. Tyldesley switched to TV commentary in 1989. His first TV commentary was for Manchester City-Liverpool. He thereafter covered soccer and rugby regularly.

04. Jim Beglin

Jim Beglin

Even among the world's top soccer pundits, some stand out. Jim Beglin is noticeable. Beglin has more sports expertise than other pundits.  He played for Shamrock Rovers, Liverpool, and Leeds United. Beglin began commentating for RTE Sports. He covered Ireland's international matches, UEFA Champions League, and EPL for RTE Sports.

03. Jon Champion

Jon Champion

Jon Champion is a top English soccer analyst who works for ESPN.  Jon was also a top Premier League and MLS commentator.  Jon began his sports announcing career with BBC Sport in the 1980s. Jon worked for BBC Sports for two years before joining BBR Radio for four.

02. Martin Tyler

Martin Tyler

Martin Tyler's famous voice ensured his success.  Tyler's golden voice is considered one of the greatest of all time.  It's the voice you want during famous soccer moments. 1974 was Tyler's ITV debut. He was the #2 commentator. Tyler covered league, European, and World Cup games for ITV.

01. Peter Drury

Peter Drury

Peter Drury tops today's list. He's the best soccer commentator ever, globally. Drury's beautiful voice is unmatched. His emotional comments has a great impact on viewers.  Plus, he's a great football narrator. Drury joined BBC Radio in 1990. After 8 years at BBC, he joined ITV Sports as a soccer commentator.