Matt Bowman

The New York Yankees have announced the signing of relief pitcher Matt Bowman to a minor league contract for the 2023 season. This move comes after Bowman’s career has been interrupted by an elbow injury, which required surgery in September 2020. Despite this setback, Bowman is expected to return to the Yankees and contribute to the team’s success.

Matt Bowman was selected by the Mets in the first round of the 2012 MLB Draft and made his MLB debut with the Cardinals in 2016. Throughout his career, he has recorded a 4.02 ERA, 149 strikeouts and 181 1/3 innings of big league experience. His ground ball percentage for his career is 56.6 percent.

In 2019, Bowman had a successful stint with the Cincinnati Reds, where he limited opposing hitters to a .212 batting average and a .622 OPS with runners in scoring position. He is known for his efficient soft-contact relief pitching, thanks to his arsenal of pitches that frequently produce a lot of vertical and horizontal movement. The Yankees fans are looking forward to seeing how he will perform in the upcoming season.

Opinions on Matt Bowman rejoining the Yankees 

Overall, supporters of the Yankees are generally happy to hear his return to their club. Some have even dubbed him as their best player ever. There was another comment mentioning that he will ensure them winning the World Series in 2023. 

There were some fans that did not know who he was and asked others about him. The replies are still positive when it is regarding Bowman and that he was mostly absent from games since 2019 since his Tommy John surgery as stated above. 

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