Who has hit the most home runs in Baseball?

In Baseball, a home run means when a batter is able to complete all the bases without interruption of the defensive team. One more way to score a home run is when a batter hits the ball in the outfield fence over the poles.

A home run is one of the simple ways to score maximum runs just like a Six or boundary hit by the Batsmen in Cricket. Usually, the home run ball is kept by the audience who catches it in the outfield. It requires perfect timing and power to hit a perfect home run.

Barry Lamar Bonds is an American Professional Baseball player who was born on July 24, 1964, in California, United States. Barry played as a left fielder for Major League Baseball. He is one of the greatest players of Baseball.

 Who has hit the most home runs in Baseball?

Barry made his NFL debut on May 30, 1986, for Pittsburgh Steelers and played for them till 1992. In 1993, Barry moved to San Francisco Giants and retired playing for them. He played for Giants till 2007 before announcing his retirement.

Barry is one of the greatest players and was considered an all-rounder. He holds the record of hitting most MLB home runs in his career. Barry has hit a total of 762 home runs in his career of 31 years. With an average of .298, he has a total of 2,935 hits.

Barry was named All-Star 14 times and he was National League MVP 7 times. With record home runs he was 2 times Home Runs leader. He also has won Gold Glove Award 8 times and the 12 Silver Slugger Award.

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Without any doubt, he is one of the greatest Baseball Players. He even was included in the San Francisco Wall of Fame for all his achievements. Barry’s number 25 was retired by San Francisco Giants in 2018.

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