Zurich, Switzerland- Yulimar Rojas ended her August with a triumphant leap of 15.15 meters in the Women’s Triple Jump at the Zurich Diamond League 2023. Rojas has been on an unbeatable streak for the last two years, during which she has collected four gold medals for Venezuela.

Before Zurich, Rojas’ most recent victory was at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary. At first, Ukraine’s Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk was ahead of the game as she leapt a good 15.0 meters, and no one came close to this record. At least not until the very end, when Rojas pulled a reverse uno card and surprised everyone when she leapt a solid 15.08 meters on her sixth and final try.

“I knew if someone could change the result at the last minute it would be Yulimar Rojas,” Perez Hernandez said.

Rojas also said last week that she didn’t care about the distance and that her mind was solely focused on clinching the gold medal for her country.

“I didn’t care about the distance. The only thing I had in mind was to win the gold,” Rojas said. “I’m going to appear on the front pages everywhere. But more important, I’m going to be in the hearts of all the Venezuelan people.

On Thursday, Aug 31, Rojas was met with another strong competitor as she went head-to-head with Jamaica’s Shanieka Ricketts and Cuba’s Liagdamis Povea this time. But with her strong will, Rojas gave her people something to be proud of again this time. Rojas reached 15.15 meters on her fourth try, surpassing her own record from last week. She edged out Ricketts with 14.78 meters and 14.73 meters.

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Rojas is set to enter the upcoming competitions that will be held in Brussels on September 8 and Oregon on September 16–17.

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