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Football heavyweights France, the Netherlands, Germany, and defending champions Spain prepare for fierce matchups on Friday, February 23 in the much-awaited semi-finals of the UEFA Women’s Nations League.

The venue for Spain vs. the Netherlands is Estadio de La Cartuja in Seville, and the venue for France vs. Germany is Groupama Stadium in Lyon. These elite teams will compete for a berth in the coveted finals, displaying their skill, tenacity, and championship spirit. Expect an exciting matchup.

Teams are competing not only for the coveted championship trophy but also for a bigger prize as excitement for the inaugural Women’s Nations League grows. Not only does success mean trying to win the semi-final matches, but it also means earning a place in the Women’s Nations League final and qualifying for this summer’s highly anticipated Olympic Games in Paris, 2024. The trip offers glory and an Olympic ticket for the winning teams, and the stakes are high and the competition strong.

UEFA Women’s Nations League Schedule in Full

In the fascinating realm of the Women’s Nations League, where skill and fate collide, France has already secured its place as the 2024 host country. In a surprising turn of events, should they qualify for the championship match, the two highly sought-after Paris 2024 slots will dance their way to the other finalist and the victorious third-place play-off winner. This is an exhilarating football ballet in which winning is equivalent to both glory and a golden ticket to the Paris 2024 main stage.

Date Match Venue Kick-off Time
Friday, 23 Feb Spain vs Netherlands Estadio de La Cartuja (Seville) 21:00 CET
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France vs Germany Groupama Stadium (Lyon) 21:00 CET
Wednesday, 28 Feb Loser of SF1 vs Loser of SF2 Estadio de La Cartuja (Seville) OR Abe Lenstra Stadium (Heerenveen) 19:00 OR 20:45
Winner of SF1 vs Winner of SF2 Estadio de La Cartuja (Seville) OR Abe Lenstra Stadium (Heerenveen) 19:00 OR 20:45

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