The UEFA Champions League: Where Legends Are Forged and Football Royalty Reigns. Witness the pinnacle of European club football as elite teams battle fiercely for supremacy. From breathtaking goals to nail-biting encounters, this prestigious tournament captivates the world with its unrivalled drama and showcases the very best of the beautiful game.

List of UEFA Champions League winners

  1. Real Madrid, the Spanish giants, triumphed in the inaugural edition of the UCL, then known as the European Cup, in 1955.
  2. They went on to create history by retaining the trophy for the next four editions, marking the longest winning streak in the competition’s history.
  3. With an astonishing 14 UCL titles to their name, Real Madrid stands as the most successful team in the history of the tournament, an article on reported.
  4. Following closely behind is AC Milan, the Italian club, with an impressive seven UCL victories.
  5. Bayern Munich from Germany and Liverpool from England have both secured the prestigious title six times, solidifying their status as European powerhouses.

    A Stage for Champions, Etching Their Names in Football’s History. From Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo, the league has witnessed the brilliance of iconic players who have lifted the trophy. These legends of the game have showcased their mastery, leading their teams to victory and cementing their place among the greatest to ever grace the field. The UEFA Champions League remains the ultimate battleground for elite athletes, where dreams are realized, and heroes are born.

Season UCL champion Runners up
1955-56 Real Madrid (Spain) Stade de Reims (France)
1956-57 Real Madrid (Spain) Fiorentina (Italy)
1957-58 Real Madrid (Spain) AC Milan (Italy)
1958-59 Real Madrid (Spain) Stade de Reims (France)
1959-60 Real Madrid (Spain) Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)
1960-61 Benfica (Portugal) Barcelona (Spain)
1961-62 Benfica (Portugal) Real Madrid (Spain)
1962-63 AC Milan (Italy) Benfica (Portugal)
1963-64 Inter Milan (Italy) Real Madrid (Spain)
1964-65 Inter Milan (Italy) Benfica (Portugal)
1965-66 Real Madrid (Spain) Partizan Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
1966-67 Celtic FC (Scotland) Inter Milan (Italy)
1967-68 Manchester United (England) Benfica (Portugal)
1968-69 AC Milan (Italy) Ajax (Netherlands)
1969-70 Feyenoord (Netherlands) Celtic FC (Scotland)
1970-71 Ajax (Netherlands) Panathinaikos (Greece)
1971-72 Ajax (Netherlands) Inter Milan (Italy)
1972-73 Ajax (Netherlands) Juventus (Italy)
1973-74 Bayern Munich (Germany) Atletico Madrid (Spain)
1974-75 Bayern Munich (Germany) Leeds United (England)
1975-76 Bayern Munich (Germany) Saint-Etienne (France)
1976-77 Liverpool (England) Borussia Monchengladbach (Germany)
1977-78 Liverpool (England) Club Brugge (Belgium)
1978-79 Nottingham Forest (England) Malmo (Sweden)
1979-80 Nottingham Forest (England) Hamburger SV (Germany)
1980-81 Liverpool (England) Real Madrid (Spain)
1981-82 Aston Villa (England) Bayern Munich (Germany)
1982-83 Hamburger SV (Germany) Juventus (Italy)
1983-84 Liverpool (England) AS Roma (Italy)
1984-85 Juventus (Italy) Liverpool (England)
1985-86 Steaua Bucuresti (Romania) Barcelona (Spain)
1986-87 FC Porto (Portugal) Bayern Munich (Germany)
1987-88 PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) Benfica (Portugal)
1988-89 AC Milan (Italy) Steaua Bucuresti (Romania)
1989-90 AC Milan (Italy) Benfica (Portugal)
1990-91 Red Star Belgrade (Yugoslavia) Marseille (France)
1991-92 Barcelona (Spain) Sampdoria (Italy)
1992-93 Marseille (France) AC Milan (Italy)
1993-94 AC Milan (Italy) Barcelona (Spain)
1994-95 Ajax (Netherlands) AC Milan (Italy)
1995-96 Juventus (Italy) Ajax (Netherlands)
1996-97 Borussia Dortmund (Germany) Juventus (Italy)
1997-98 Real Madrid (Spain) Juventus (Italy)
1998-99 Manchester United (England) Bayern Munich (Germany)
1999-2000 Real Madrid (Spain) Valencia (Spain)
2000-01 Bayern Munich (Germany) Valencia (Spain)
2001-02 Real Madrid (Spain) Bayer Leverkusen (Germany)
2002-03 AC Milan (Italy) Juventus (Italy)
2003-04 FC Porto (Portugal) AS Monaco (France)
2004-05 Liverpool (England) AC Milan (Italy)
2005-06 Barcelona (Spain) Arsenal (England)
2006-07 AC Milan (Italy) Liverpool (England)
2007-08 Manchester United (England) Chelsea (England)
2008-09 Barcelona (Spain) Manchester United (England)
2009-10 Inter Milan (Italy) Bayern Munich (Germany)
2010-11 Barcelona (Spain) Manchester United (England)
2011-12 Chelsea (England) Bayern Munich (Germany)
2012-13 Bayern Munich (Germany) Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
2013-14 Real Madrid (Spain) Atletico Madrid (Spain)
2014-15 Barcelona (Spain) Juventus (Italy)
2015-16 Real Madrid (Spain) Atletico Madrid (Spain)
2016-17 Real Madrid (Spain) Juventus (Italy)
2017-18 Real Madrid (Spain) Liverpool (England)
2018-19 Liverpool (England) Tottenham Hotspur (England)
2019-20 Bayern Munich (Germany) Paris Saint-Germain (France)
2020-21 Chelsea (England) Manchester City (England)
2021-22 Real Madrid (Spain) Liverpool (England)
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