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This season marks the beginning of major changes to South Dakota’s track and field timing system, changing the way results are sent into the state meet qualification procedure for both Class A and Class B divisions.

The world of athletics depends as much on time as does life. These modifications are expected to give the sport a new pulse and highlight the complex relationship between effort and result on the field and on the track.

To ensure uniformity throughout the state, the South Dakota High School Activities Association has made a major change and now demands completely automatic timing for meet results to be considered for the state meet.

South Dakota – new rules

Athletes no longer need to place in the top two to qualify for the state meet at the May region track meets; instead, they must place among the top 24 in their class to achieve qualification.

These regional competitions, particularly in Class A and Class B, go from being important qualifiers to ceremonial meetings with the attention now on the top-24 list, ushering in a new era in South Dakota’s high school track and field scene.

The need for automatic timing devices has increased in the fast-paced world of track meetings, especially since Class A and Class B now mandate their use in order for meetings to be considered official. The racing experience is transformed by these electronic marvels that capture race times with ease and without the need for manual intervention.

Once considered a luxury, they are now essential, ensuring accurate and dependable timing. These methods are the foundation of contemporary sports, improving competition and streamlining procedures while also establishing new standards for effectiveness and fairness on the track.

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