Top 5 Most Popular Switch Games Of 2022

In the 21st century Gaming has taken this world by a storm and this storm doesn’t seems to stop any time soon. Unlike earlier in today’s world, games can be played on a variety of devices like computer, smartphones, consoles etc. Becoming popular form late 1990’s switches are one such gaming device.

Switch gaming is widely popular in today’s world and has been in action since late 1990’s. Even though with new modern devices like laptop and smartphone, switch gaming is still popular among the masses and still continues to be a fan favourite platform to play video games. So here are the top 5 best switch games of the year 2022 which you can definitely check out.

Top 5 Most Popular Switch Games Of 2022 are below :

5. Super Mario Odyssey

It’s common with everyone than while growing we all have played Mario atleast once in a life time. If you want to relieve those exact same old memories, to bring nostalgia back Super Mario Odyssey is a new game to the Mario genre. Released recently in 2017 it is one of the most popular switch games in the world today.

4. Animal Crossings : New Horizons

Are you a fan of simulation games? Than this game is definitely the one you should check out atleast once. Recently released in 2020 this simulation game by Nintendo a famous switch company is easily one of the top simulation games available today. So don’t waste time and enter the island and start raising animals in this simulation verse.

3. Hades

Released in 2020 by Supergiant Games Hades rapidly became one of the most favourite games with a couple of years. Also this game is available on Computer but you will definitely love the Switch version as well. If you love ancient mythologies and are keen you should definitely try your hands on this game as it will fulfill your expectations.

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2. Streets of Rage 4

Missing your friends while playing games? Worry not, I have one game which can be played alongside multiple players. Published by Dotemu this game is a fighting style one which is one of the most popular gaming genres. So grab a seat and connect with your friends so that you can enjoy the awesome experience of brawling alongside your homies!

1. Pokemon Legends : Arceus

Pokemon games are easily one of the best games available in the gaming verse and this one from Game Freak definitely deserves to be at the number one position in 2022. So grab your pokedex and go on a mission to catch and tame several pokemons which you want. Watch out you may cross paths with a legendary Pokemon so don’t waste your time and go checkout this game and catch your first legendary Pokemon !

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