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Top 10 richest sports leagues in the world right now

When we talk about Sports there are many forms of that a person can think of. But we normally have to thought of the most popular ones, that is played on an international level or has a more fan following of it. Sports is one such activity that unites people and countries together to support their favorite teams and players. With years we have seen the growth of sport industry at its peak and the fans expect more for it each year.

One of the reasons why people are intrigued in watching sport is that it is fun and unpredictable. All the games played are not recorded but live, so one knows the result on the on the spot. Second it creates a sense of sportsmanship and learns about the the right and wrong in a match. The fans also go beyond just to have a look at their favorite game and are ready to spend huge amount of money to buy tickets, travel or watch it via any means. So, here we bring you Top 10 richest sports leagues in the world right now.

Top 10 richest sports leagues in the world right now.

Considering the 2022 as the latest trends and the fan following of the games. We have updated the order of the richest sport in World. The order is in reverse, the last is rated as the number one game in the entire world as the richest sport to be played.

10. Nippon Professional Baseball (Japanese Baseball league) — $1.1 Billion

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Nippon Professional Baseball is the biggest baseball league that is played in Japan. It stands at the tenth position of the list, with the annual revenue that is generated by them of $1.1 billion. It consists of 12 teams with a series of 143 matches that is played in one season. Apart from the viewership from fans overseas, it also earns sports revenue from endorsements and sponsorships.

9. UEFA Champions League- $2 billion

The Union of European Football Associations is a one of the most entertaining professional football association, which was formed in the year 1954. The formatod the game is that the teams are selected on the bases of their respective leagues, who then compete against each other in the double round robin format. Since its inception in the year 1954, 22 teams have had the privilege to earn the title of the prestigious tournament. UEFA produces a total of $2 billion each year as a part of the revenue.

8. Serie A (Italian Football League) — $2.3 Billion

Serie A is Italy’s top-flight league that is very popular in Europe. It easily generates a revenue of $2.3 billion every year. In all there are 20 clubs that participate in the league which include famous players like Romelu Lukaku, Tammy Abraham. The major part of the revenue that is generated comes from broadcasting rights, commercials and sponsorships. The most expensive team of the league is Napoli.

7. La Liga Santanader- $4.5 Billion

In Spain, the professional men’s Football sport that played is La Liga Santander. It comes at the 7th position of the list of the richest sports events in the world as it generates an annual revenue of $4.5 Billion. It is a top-order football league of Spain. In the year 2017-18 it generated the revenue by 20.8% more. Most of the revenue is earned by commercials, tickets and the advertisements.

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6. National Hockey League-$4.8 billion

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Next we have is National Hockey League, as it placed at the 6th position on the list. We know that hockey is India’s national sport. It is the most prestigious and oldest form of sports event for India. The league earns a total of $4.8 billion every season. NHL is one of the biggest hockey league across the world, during the year 2018-19 season it increased the revue to $5.08 Billion.

5.English Premier League- $5.3 Billion.

At number five we have the most popular football league across the globe, which the fans eagerly wait for each year, is English Premiere League. Apart from the clubs of EPL which generates the revenue on their own by commercials and sponsorships, it alone generates revenue of $5.3 Billion each year.

4. Indian Premier League- $7 Billion.

Indians most prestigious and popular sporting events comes at the top 5 in the list of richest sports in the world. This is a cricket league that currently has 10 teams under its franchise. It was formed in the year 2008 and has had 14 successful seasons, currently playing its 15th edition. It generates a sum of $7 Billion each year. All the team shave their own sponsors and commercials.

3. National Basketball Association-$8 Billion.

NBA which is a basketball league that is widely popular in world, consists of the richest players in the teams . Players like Lebron James, Anthony, Butler, Stephen Curry all are global icons in the Sports Industry. It generates annual revenue of $8 billion yearly. NBA signs contracts with national TV broadcasters, which indirectly helps them generate the sum of $500 million in international media revenue.

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2. Major League Baseball- $10.7 Billion

Baseball is one of the sports apart from golf, rugby which is quite popular as a contest in western countries like America and Canada. However, the fondness for this sport is huge. It makes a sum $10 Billion per annum. Thereby it makes it to the second position in the list. Its initially revenue generated was just 1.2 billion dollars later on it gained support of the fans and interest, which made it the richest sport.

1. National Football League- $16 Billion

Finally the sport that made it to the top of the list of the richest sport of the world is National Football League. Football as we know is a globally dominating sport with fans that ranges from all age groups. NFL generated above $16 Billion in 2017 and 2018 while its revenue is expected to grow by $5 billion. The revenue for the same is distributed equally amongst 32 teams.

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