In an unexpected turn of events, the famous ‘100 m Delhi runner’, Lalit Kumar, has failed NADA’s Doping test, as reported first by The Indian Express and India Today.

Kumar fails doping test

In light of recent news, it turned out that Kumar has failed NADA’s doping test after all.

According to The Indian Express, Kumar tested positive for the anabolic steroid drostanolone metabolite, which is used to increase strength and decrease body fat.

Following the release of the results, Kumar vehemently denied ever taking drugs, claiming that if he had, he would have left the scene like his rivals. He continued by saying he believed he was being set up by ‘some coaches’ or that the protein supplements he was taking were contaminated.

With no other option to establish his innocence save filing an appeal with NADA and paying for a B sample test, Kumar’s career is at an impasse.

Indian athletes flee from Delhi Meet

In September of this year, a disturbing video of a bathroom cluttered with packages of the performance-enhancing drug Erythropoietin and a worrisome number of used syringes went viral online.

The bathroom in the video was recorded in the Jawaharlal Nehru (JLN) Stadium, where the Delhi State Athletics Meet took place.

And as soon as NADA was made aware of the shocking video, they came to test the athletes, and the athletes, fearing the repercussions of being discovered to have taken performance-enhancing drugs, ran away.

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As a result, the prestigious event was left almost barren.

Of all the competitions, however, the 100-meter event attracted the most attention from the general public because they were intrigued to learn that only one competitor had the confidence to continue and compete. 

The athlete, who was later identified as Lalit Kumar, was tested for doping on the same day of the competition.

An X user posted a video of Kumar standing by himself on the track on social media. And many onlookers, amused by the whole thing, applauded Kumar as he began to run the course.

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