The Canadian women’s 3×3 basketball team, which is made up of Paige Crozon, Kacie Bosch, and the twins Michelle and Katherine Plouffe, defeated Hungary 21-10 in a decisive game at the Olympic qualifying event in Debrecen, Hungary, to guarantee their place in the Olympics.

Even though they had lost to Spain in a close semifinal match earlier in the day, the resolute Canadians took advantage of their last chance to fulfill their Olympic ambition, displaying their skill and perseverance in the global arena.

“We had faith. Hungary has a fantastic team, so they are not easy games.” Katherine Plouffe quoted to

Hungary OUT

Canada put on a dominant display as they defeated Italy 21-8 to guarantee their spot in the semifinals. Standout performances from important players, such as the dynamic combo of Katherine Plouffe and Crozon, who combined for nine points a piece, propelled this thrilling victory.

As they skillfully and precisely demolished their Italian opponents, the Canadian team’s supremacy on the court was apparent. Particularly noteworthy was the cooperation between Plouffe and Crozon, which helped Canada win this significant victory and prepare for their next semifinal challenge.

The team demonstrated their skill and plan on the court by winning convincingly over Chile (21-11), Lithuania (19-16), and Czechia (17-10).

On the other hand, the Canadian men’s team had a difficult time in pool play and ended up with a 1-2 record. They did not make it to the quarterfinals despite their best efforts, which demonstrated how competitive the event was and how stiff the opposition was.

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