During a Tuesday audience at the presidential palace, Spain’s acting prime minister enthusiastically praised the victorious Women’s World Cup champions. The praise was quickly followed by a sharp rebuke as he criticized the president of the Spanish soccer association for his unwanted lip-lock with a team member, emphasizing how crucial it is to respect permission. This striking contrast serves as a reminder of the need to celebrate success and uphold proper behavior, having an impact beyond the world of sports.

Prime Minister Sánchez intends to present the squad with the coveted golden medal of athletic excellence as a way of honouring Spain’s Women’s World Cup victory. A momentous event occurred with the 1-0 triumph over England in Sydney.

Despite Sánchez’s dedication to gender equality, there was controversy at the awarding of the medals when Luis Rubiales, the head of the Spanish Soccer Federation, gave player Jenni Hermoso a contentious kiss, detracting from the festive mood.

Following his assertion that those who disapproved of his kiss were “idiots and stupid people,” also Rubiales was forced to say sorry. an article from USA Today shared.

After a forced kiss, there was immediate and widespread indignation in Spain and internationally. Yolanda Diaz, the deputy prime minister, was blunt in her criticism of Rubiales’ behavior, calling it harassment and abuse and calling for his resignation.

Spain’s classification of the incident

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It was classified as sexual assault by the nation’s equality minister, and new rules against such violence may apply to the occurrence. Rubiales kissed Hermoso without asking permission, grabbing her face first, which could now be prosecuted in court as a criminal.

  • Rubiales caused new controversy by making a dubious crotch gesture after Spain’s victory.
  • Princess Infanta Sofia, age 16, and Queen Letizia of Spain were in attendance as this occurrence took place.
  • The main opposition group in the nation harshly criticized Rubiales’ actions.
  • In the aftermath, Rubiales loses the backing of influential public and political figures.
  • His seclusion signals a significant change in his position and how the public views him.
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Sánchez emphasizes the independence of the Spanish football federation from governmental interference amid the discussion around Rubiales’ future. Sánchez also emphasizes the significance of Rubiales’ real and effective apologies. Hermoso, meantime, politely avoids discussing the incident during the recent celebrations in the capital.

“We’re world champions, aren’t we?” she said. “Right now I think it’s too much.” an article from USA Today shared.

Players and staff were met by a raucous throng of thousands in Madrid on a Monday after a grueling 20-hour journey from Sydney. The extended welcome party, which went into midnight, erased the trip exhaustion by injecting a flood of exhilaration.

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