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Snooker World Championship 2022 Prize Money Breakdown

Snooker World Championship 2022 is an international snooker tournament that is been worldwide popular for the game. The tournament consists of many snooker players all across the world and is famous for its different venues. So take a look at Snooker World Championship 2022 Prize Money Breakdown.

Snooker championship is one of the tournaments where many players can get the money out of the tournament as the prize is a Breakdown for each level. The total money that the league will give as a prize is up to £184,400 and the breakdown for the same has been posted below. So stay updated on the page to get the latest news about Snooker World Championship 2022.

Snooker World Championship 2022 Prize Money Breakdown

The money that we are talking about is £184,400 which is a lot and the winner of the tournament is only prized with £10,000 which is not the half amount of the prizes. The tournament prizes are Breakdown into many points such as bonuses high rankers and many other things also. The group prizes and everything is out now so take a look at the prize breakdown for groups.

The prize for groups 1-7 winner will be getting a cash prize of £3,000 which is about 1/3 of the total prize of the winner of the tournament. Runners up will get about  £2,000 and semi-finalists will get up to £3,000. The breakdown for others such as frame wills and highest break is as follows.

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Group 1-7 Winner £3,000

Runner-Up £2,000

Semi-Finals £1,000

Frame-win (League Stage) £100

Frame-win (play-offs) £300

Highest Break £500


Winner £10,000

Runner-Up £5,000

Semi-Final £3,000

Frame-win (league stage) £200

Frame-win (play-offs) £300

Highest break £1,000

This is the final list of break down of prize money in Snooker World Championship Prize Money 2022. Stay updated to get updates on any changes for Snooker World Championship Prize Money 2022.

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