At the US Gymnastics Championships in Fort Worth, Texas, Simone Biles gave an incredible performance that cemented her place as one of the best gymnasts in the world.

Biles dominated the weekend’s competitions, winning the national crown for an unprecedented ninth time. Showcasing extraordinary technique, she is clearly in top form as she prepares to add to her four Olympic gold medals this summer in Paris.

Young Skye Blakely also made waves with her amazing performances, paving the way for exciting Olympic trials.

But Biles was the undisputed leader, storming to her ninth victory at the US Championships with a score of 119.750, finishing six points ahead of Skye Blakely.

Biles recorded the top two-day score in all four events—vault, bars, beam, and floor. She hadn’t reached this huge accomplishment since the 2018 nationals, demonstrating her supremacy and preparation for the next Olympic Games.

Simone Biles sets a record-breaking performance to win the US Championships

At 27, Simone Biles is still pushing the boundaries of gymnastics, as seen by her most recent results, which include an astounding 15,000 on the vault, 14.400 on the uneven bars, 14.800 on the balancing beam, and a remarkable 15.100 on the floor exercise. She is a true icon in the sport because of her incredible talent and perseverance.

“Getting out there and practising my gymnastics today was all that was required in order for me to feel comfortable and confident, hopefully qualifying for the Olympics and moving on toward Paris,” Biles told NBC,  reported

Over the weekend, Skye Blakely put on yet another outstanding performance, scoring an astounding 14.400 on the vault, 14.450 on the uneven bars, 14.200 on the balancing beam, and 13.750 on the floor exercise.

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The 19-year-old gymnast demonstrated her tenacity by recovering admirably from her tumble on the uneven bars during the US Classic. Blakely’s admirable effort and persistence show how skilled and determined she is.


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