On Thursday, Aug 31, Shericka Jackson, 29, secured another resounding 200m victory in the 2023 Zurich Diamond in Switzerland. 

Jackson showed off her unrivaled speed at the beginning of the race and continued to lead the Swiss track until the end. The Jamaican sprinter clocked a time of 21.82 seconds when she finished the 200 m event, leaving behind second and third placers Daryll Neita with 22.25 seconds and Kayla White with 22.33 seconds, respectively.

Although Jackson did not beat the 1988 world record of Florence Griffith Joyner in the 200 meters, she was able to come close with her recent record at the World Athletics Championships 2023 last week. She was also the first-place finisher in the 200 meters event, with a time of 21.41 seconds, which was just 0.07 seconds shy of the world record.

In a post-race interview, Jackson shared her thoughts as to how she felt about her 21.82 seconds record this time:

“I’m feeling good, and not even a week since the (World Athletics) Championship finished and I’m here competing, so it was a good feeling just to be here competing, and I’m healthy, so it’s great.”

“This full house is wonderful. I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. I wanted to come out here and perform,”, Jackson said.

Without a doubt, Jackson has certainly earned a place among the most decorated 200m racers of all time, having won five Olympic medals. However, she refuses to rest on her laurels just yet, as there are still two more races left in the season, including a final in Eugene. She also states that she’s not focusing on the Paris Olympics in 2024 yet and just wishes to finish the season well this year.

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“To be honest, the season has not finished yet, so my focus is not yet on the Olympic Games, but on this 2023 season,” explained Jackson. “I just want to finish this season well.”

Jackson also thanked her fans in one interview, saying:

“I just want to say thank you, guys, and I do appreciate your support always.”


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