Florence Griffith Joyner, most commonly known as “Flo-Jo”, made a lasting impression on the track and field community with her outrageous style and record-breaking performances. In the 100- and 200-metre sprints, she set world records with a time of 10.49 and 21.34 seconds, respectively, during the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Flo-Jo continues to inspire aspiring athletes with her bold wardrobe choices and athletic prowess. Now, the community believes that rising star Sha’Carri Richardson is her talented and stylish successor. 

Richardson continuing Flo-Jo’s image 

After being overlooked in Tokyo, world champion Richardson, who earned a name for herself in the 100—and 4×100-metre sprints, is hoping to mount a strong comeback. She failed a drug test and was suspended for one month and, therefore, couldn’t compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Now she is taking her colourful personality and sense of style with her to Paris to compete in the 2024 Olympics.

She recently highlighted her intentions while channelling Flo-Jo’s unmistakable grace and energy.

“I am on my path and my journey as a competitor and being a woman in expression. Flo-Jo is part of the inspiration in the direction that I pull from, and I aspire to go in,” Richardson said. 

When questioned further about the looks she intended to project at the upcoming Olympics,  Sha’Carri Richardson stated she wasn’t getting ahead of herself. She reminded everyone that overcoming her difficulties was the first and most crucial thing she needed to do. 

“I don’t plan out my looks. I’m definitely more of an emotional spontaneous reactor, if that makes sense. If I see it in the moment, if I feel it in the moment, I go with it,” she added. 

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Although Sha’Carri Richardson has faced criticism and abuse for her wardrobe choices,  her numerous tattoos and body art, she always has Flo-Jo as her inspiration to overcome the hate.

Richardson declared: “The way she [Florence Griffith Joyner] did that was graceful. I always liked that. If the amazing Flo-Jo had long nails, there was no excuse why I couldn’t have long nails… Y’all love talking about my hair & my nails like the greatest woman to ever enter the game didn’t run in style.”

Both athletes — Florence Griffith Joyner and Sha’Carri Richardson — share a number of stylistic traits to express their individualities and freedom in the track and field community.


Source: EssentiallySports

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