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Rory Mcllroy denied rumors that he was considering a transfer to LIV Golf and declared his intention to play on the PGA Tour for the remainder of his career. Sources said Mcllroy was close to making the $850 million transfer to LIV. However, the Northern Ireland player and four-time major winner quickly denied the allegations. 

He expressed: “I honestly don’t know how these things get started… I’ve never been offered a number from LIV, I’ve never contemplated going to LIV. Again, I think I’ve made it clear over the past two years that I don’t think it’s something for me,” 

Rory Mcllroy – No to LIV

In the context of continuing talks with the PGA Tour over a merger, McIlroy, who has been more understanding with LIV professionals in recent months, reaffirmed that he had no resentment against golfers who have joined the circuit. 

“One of the things I think I’ve realized over the past two years is that people can make their own decisions on whatever they think is best for themselves… Who are we to judge them for that? But personally, for me my future is here on the PGA Tour and it’s never been any different,” Mcllroy admitted.

“I’m here today and playing a PGA Tour next week and I’ll play the PGA Tour for the rest of my career,” he added. 

Since its founding, LIV has signed a number of golf’s finest players. The most recent high-profile addition to the roster was Spanish player Jon Rahm, who switched teams in December of last year in a deal reportedly for $500 million.

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