Carlos Rodon of the New York Yankees pitched brilliantly against the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday. He struck out nine over five innings while allowing only one run on four hits. Despite Ceddanne Rafaela’s leadoff home run, Rodon immediately regained the initiative.

By getting Trevor Story and Adam Duvall out, he put the Red Sox on their heels. He finished by making a commanding shushing motion towards second base. The game will never be the same because of Rodon’s assurance and talent.

Everyone was perplexed by Carlos Rodon’s unusual shushing action. Was there a deliberate attempt to spook the second base runner with it? It could have also been a request for help from his teammates or a communication to the field umpire.

It was a picture that disappointed New York Yankees supporters, despite their poor season. In a good year, taunting could be OK, but during Rodon’s tumultuous season, it felt inappropriate. The pitcher’s year has already been difficult, but the mystery behind this quiet drama on the mound just heightens the suspense.

Rodon must improve

It has been a difficult season for Carlos Rodon and the New York Yankees in 2023. Despite having high expectations after re-signing Aaron Judge and signing Rodon in the offseason, their offense was hampered by Judge’s and slugger Anthony Rizzo‘s injuries.

The Yankees struggled to keep up their competitive edge throughout Judge’s two-month absence due to a toe ligament injury and Rizzo’s season-ending post-concussion illness. Their resiliency has been put to the test this season, and their chances of getting better are still slim.

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Gerrit Cole stands out among the pitchers for his consistency in the face of Rodon, Severino, and German’s swings. The team’s focus switches to the future as the season comes to an end, eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. The upcoming season offers them the chance to restore their standing as title contenders in baseball.

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