Dillon Brooks is, metaphorically speaking, the proverbial thorn in the rose that is the Golden State Warriors.

Dillon Brooks has a bad reputation in the league due to his deceptive methods, unsportsmanlike behavior, and infractions. The Rocket forward/guard is undeniably combative on the court, with Rolling Stone even dubbing him the “NBA’s Supervillain.”

And the Golden State Warriors are among his many victims. Last season, back when Brooks was in the Grizzlies, he incurred a flagrant-2 foul against Gary Payton II, resulting in a fractured elbow for the Warriors guard.

This time, however, he was up against Stephen Curry, who is on the opposite end of the spectrum from him, and he was thoroughly humiliated, much to the delight of the crowd.

Brooks vs Curry

Curry is touted as a true basketball savant due to his elite ball-handling and prolific three-point shooting. And on Sunday’s game, he displayed his undeniable prowess on court yet again when Brooks desperately tried to drape him and prevent him from scoring. Curry dribbled away from Brooks and executed a smooth crossover. Brooks then attempted to block Curry’s shot, but Curry feigned a pump fake and drove for a three-point play.

After successfully staging a magnificent play that’s surely one for the ages, Curry ran away and put on a ‘Home Alone’ facial expression, as if to say that even he couldn’t believe what he’d just done. His teammates on the bench also went wild at witnessing Curry’s witty play.

The incident quickly gained traction on social media, garnering praise for Curry not only for his act of taunting Brooks but also for his ensuing facial expression. His reaction rapidly became a meme on X.

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The viral moment was further amplified by the comments of Stephen A. Smith, who stated that Curry had made Brooks appear “silly and foolish.”

Via Yardbaker: “You talk about making someone look completely silly and foolish,” Smith said. “Usually, those kinds of reactions are for when you get dunked on. This is off a three. Damn, a crossover, a fake, jump all over the place, swinging the legs…He kicked his legs higher than I did on my first pitch.”

The Warriors defeated the Rockets 106-95 to earn their second victory of the season. The Rockets, on the other hand, have yet to taste success in the regular season.


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