Sixteen-year-old track and field sensation Quincy Wilson stunned the world at the 2024 US Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon, on Friday (June 21). He ran 400 metres in an incredible 44.66 seconds, a feat not even the great Usain Bolt could achieve at his age.

Wilson ran 400 metres in a lightning-fast 45.13 seconds at the New Balance Nationals Outdoors recently — and now he has done it under 45 seconds, setting a new record for under-18 athletes.

The “fastest man”, Bolt, loses to Quincy Wilson.

Wilson, a Bullis High School student, set a breathtaking world record in the 400 metres at Hayward Field, Eugene, propelling him to the top of the U-18 standings, according to World Athletics. Notably, his accomplishment puts him above the great sprinter Usain Bolt, whose fastest junior time of 45.35 seconds, recorded at Kingston in 2003, is ranked 10th on the same list.

Wilson’s incredible achievement not only demonstrates his tremendous potential but also establishes a new standard for up-and-coming sportsmen.

His new record put him at the forefront of a new breed of youthful sprinters who are testing the limits of athleticism and speed.

What’s more, this is not the first time he has outpaced Usain Bolt.

In the 400 metres, he set a record of 45.19 seconds in the Florida Relays, which not only qualified him for the US Olympic trials but was also faster than the times clocked by Usain Bolt and the great Kirani James at a comparable age.

Wilson has a bright future ahead of him — he is racing to glory.

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