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Teams like the New York Yankees have important decisions to make about the contracts of their players who are eligible for arbitration as the offseason draws near. By the deadline of November 17, non-tender decisions about players who are not on the 40-man roster must be made.

These choices will determine whether or not players enter free agency directly and avoid waivers. Teams are under more strain as they navigate these crucial contract decisions in the last moments before the deadline because time is running out.

There is a list of the top Yankees players who might not receive an offer in the upcoming weeks below;

Top-5 Players from Yankees

1. Jimmy Cordero

The 2023 season was difficult for Jimmy Cordero, the gifted bullpen pitcher for the New York Yankees since he missed a big chunk of it because he was suspended in July for breaking the MLB domestic abuse policy.

Despite this, Cordero showed off his skills on the mound, appearing in 31 games and recording a 3.86 ERA in 32.2 innings pitched. His anticipated pay for the 2024 campaign is $900,000. His on-field successes and future direction serve as a testament to his brilliance and the continuing story of his career.

2. Albert Abreu

Albert Abreu is one of the pitchers that the Bronx Bombers could decide not to tender over the offseason in terms of bullpen talent. Abreu has thrown for 45 games this season, recording a 4.73 ERA in 59 innings pitched. The right-handed pitcher, who is well-known for his strong throws, hasn’t exactly performed well in the major leagues. He expects to get $900,000 in compensation for the 2024 season.

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3. Kyle Higashioka

On this list is one of the dynamic tandems of catchers for the New York Yankees. During his solid seven-year stint, he has either started games as a starter or provided backup for the team, most notably as Gerrit Cole’s trusty catcher. But talk that Higashioka’s time with the Yankees may be coming to an end has been spurred by the rise of Austin Wells.

4. Domingo German

One of the New York Yankees’ tenacious starting pitchers, Domingo German, weathered the highs and lows of the 2023 campaign. In the perfect game he pitched against the Oakland Athletics in June, he reached his peak. But he ended up on MLB’s restricted list because of a turbulent incident that occurred in the clubhouse during the season. For the 2024 season, he is expected to make $4,400,000.

5. Jose Trevino

Jose Trevino won a Gold Glove, Platinum Glove, and Fielder Bible award in 2022 after an incredible All-Star performance. However, he missed just 55 games in 2023 due to injury, raising the possibility that he was a non-tendered surprise.

If the front office verifies Trevino’s improved health, something might change. The New York Yankees might decide to continue with Higashioka, which would put Trevino in the running for a move within the league.


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