Sprinter Noah Lyles, a six-time world champion, declared with audacity, “It’s going to be me soon, and he was the fastest man ever to do it.” Lyles has been showing off his skills this season in a variety of competitions.

He has placed third on the 200-metre podium many times and performed quite well in relay races. Still, his times do not yet match those of the great Bolt. Comparisons were made after Lyles’ most recent 100-metre race saw him nearly tie the Jamaican legend’s record.

Many track and field enthusiasts are still pessimistic about his chances of succeeding in the next Olympic trials, despite his impressive accomplishments.

Doubts about Noah Lyles, despite his outstanding 100-metre performance

It was recently confirmed by Travis Miller, the Director of Social Media for NBC Sports, that Noah Lyles will be competing in the 100- and 200-metre events at the next Olympic trials in Oregon. Lyles’ chances of emerging as the fan favourite appear to have strengthened with Trayvon Bromell’s absence.

More hope was stoked when he beat Usain Bolt’s 2016 time of 9.88 seconds in the 100 meters with an amazing timing of 9.85 seconds at the Racers Grand Prix earlier this month. Fan excitement, though, is still lacklustre, with some suggesting that Fred Kerley may surpass Lyles in the trials’ 100-metre event.

Fans prefer Fred Kerley since Noah Lyles hasn’t lived up to expectations, despite his stellar resume and his promises this season.

In four international 100-metre head-to-heads, including the 2021 Tokyo Olympics trials, Kerley has dominated, despite Lyles’s 0.18-second advantage with a season-best time of 10.03 seconds. The Jamaican sprinter Oblique Seville, who finished 0.03 seconds ahead of Lyles in the Racers Grand Prix 2024, has humbled Lyles even further. Comments from fans noting Kerley’s incredible performances on Travis Miller’s X-post show this change in attitude.

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Noah Lyles, a 23-year-old American sprinter, recently lost the Bermuda Grand Prix, but his incredible climb has garnered a lot of attention.

Although Lyles’s superiority in the 200 metres is still well recognized, supporters are encouraging him to concentrate on the 100 metres.

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