Track and field athlete Noah Lyles mentioned South Korean gamer Faker as a favorite player and expressed his appreciation for him. The 26-year-old Lyles highlighted his passion for eSports and his amazement at Faker’s skill in League of Legends. Along with Armand Duplantis, Faith Kipyegon, and Kelvin Kiptum, he recently took part in an entertaining Q&A session held by World Athletics, during which they shared fascinating personal anecdotes.

Amidst an engaging conversation on athletes that inspires admiration, Noah Lyles distinguished himself by designating 27-year-old e-sports sensation Faker as his favorite. Of all the athletes Lyles could choose, he categorically stated that Faker is the one he loves to watch for his skill in competitive gaming.

The track and field star’s surprising nod offers an intriguing twist, demonstrating how transcendent skill cuts beyond conventional sporting bounds. Lyles’ appreciation of Faker highlights the fascinating appeal of e-sports on a worldwide scale, in addition to the multifaceted appeal of athletic prowess.

Lyles shared; “Well I’m a huge E-sports guy, especially for League of Legends and I love to watch Faker,”an article from shared.

further added; “I play League of Legends, but you know, it’s like average person watching me run. That’s like the difference between us two. So it’s always just incredible to see.”

Noah Lyles intends to compete in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris and win four gold medals

A celebrated athlete who won three gold medals at the world championships in the 100-, 200-, and 4×100-meter relay events, Noah Lyles has caused ripples once more with his audacious statement ahead of the 2024 Olympics in Paris. In addition to being unwavering in his quest for victory in these prestigious competitions, Lyles has added an exciting new dimension to his goals by focusing on the 4x400m relay, where he will compete for an incredible fourth gold medal. The enthusiasm and expectation for his future Olympic campaign are heightened by his resolve to broaden his skill set and pursue further glory in this new category.

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“I remember when you were in high school, I watched you at Penn Relays go from second to last to first in the 4x400m, chasing down all those Jamaicans – there’s your fourth medal,” an article from shared.

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