Nike is stressing the value of offering athletes a wide range of clothing alternatives in reaction to the current controversy surrounding the team’s uniforms for the US women’s track and field team at the forthcoming Olympics in Paris.

Every athlete would be able to select from a variety of uniform styles, the business informed Reuters on Saturday.

These styles include the more conventional short and the contentious brief option, which drew criticism for being unduly revealing. In keeping with its professional and inclusive approach to uniform design, Nike is demonstrating its dedication to meeting the preferences and comfort levels of all players with this step.

Nike and the athlete’s experience

The multitude of options and choices accessible to athletes was the central emphasis of the joint planning efforts between USATF and Nike. The commitment to providing athletes with opportunities that align with their unique goals and aspirations was at the core of this cooperation.

Every choice taken and every plan of action developed was centered on improving the athlete’s experience and making sure that their wants and requirements were not only satisfied but surpassed. This unwavering dedication to athlete-centricity permeated every step of the planning process and embodied a common goal of promoting performance and realizing potential.

“Athlete options and choices were the driving force for USATF in the planning process with Nike,” a spokesperson said to

Concerns with poorly fitting jerseys impeding performance are voiced by Olympic pole vault champion Katie Moon and well-known American steeplechaser Colleen Quigley.

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