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During the excitement surrounding bets, the NCAA issued a warning, stating that the integrity of collegiate athletics and the welfare of student-athletes are seriously threatened by the widespread acceptance of sports betting.

Securing the integrity and safety of the game, in addition to financial gain, is a major concern. This was said with the new era of sports betting in North Carolina that is beginning with the start of March Madness, with hundreds of millions already at stake.

“We will be reaching out to state officials this week in states that still permit these bets, urging them to follow the lead set by Ohio, Vermont, Maryland, and many other states in eliminating college prop bets from all betting markets.” Charlie Baker said to spectrumlocal 

Collegiate athletics – ban on bets

According to Kevin Hennessy, Vice President of Communications at Fanatics Sportsbook, women’s basketball is becoming increasingly popular, particularly during tournament seasons, but basketball and football still receive the majority of wagers in college sports.

Proposition bets, sometimes referred to as prop bets, let fans place wagers on different aspects of a game or event that are unrelated to the outcome, which heightens the excitement. Prop bets have become quite popular, and are widely available from top sportsbooks. This is partially because they can be combined in a variety of ways to create parlays that increase the excitement of sports betting.

Options for pro bets can include everything from guessing how many sacks a football team will record to placing a wager on the length of the national anthem or a player’s particular performance.

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This latter kind of prop betting is what makes Baker think twice. It adds a degree of uncertainty and concern due to its ability to delve into extremely detailed parts of a player’s performance, which encourages a closer look at the ramifications and hazards involved.

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