The world’s eyes are focused on Paris as the clock ticks down to the 2024 Olympic Games, and excitement is building among fans, organizers, and athletes alike in the City of Light. Of all the events scheduled to enthrall spectators, World Athletics is particularly noteworthy as it promises thrilling competition and remarkable feats on a massive scale.

The CEO of World Athletics, Sebastian Coe, has shed light on the difficulties facing track and field and provided priceless insights into tactics meant to boost participation and address urgent problems to guarantee the sport’s long-term appeal and worldwide success.

With only 120 days until the opening ceremony, Coe’s vision highlights the dedication to taking track and field to new heights, striking a chord with fans all across the world, and creating a tangible buzz about the spectacle that lies ahead.

Track and field by Sebastian Coe

Seb Coe discusses the significant challenges that World Athletics faces in forging meaningful relationships with athletes and supporters throughout the globe in a riveting edition of the “World Athletics Official Podcast.” Regardless of gender or geography, Coe emphasizes the difficulty of interacting with a wide range of populations, from seasoned runners to ardent amateurs.

Whether commemorating achievements like finishing a half marathon in under two hours in thriving cities like Tampa or London, the secret is to make sure everyone has an engaging and inclusive experience.

Using examples from his own experience and that of his peers to highlight the spirit of inclusivity and friendship, Coe underscored the need to foster a group sense of identity and fervent participation within the sports fraternity. His message was one of unity and diversity, and how important it is to have a dynamic sports community where everyone feels appreciated and able to make a difference.

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