When world number one Scottie Scheffler was arrested at the US PGA Championship, Louisville police will looked into whether the correct protocols were followed.

An arraignment date of June 3rd has been postponed for the athlete, who was arrested on May 17th, after attempting to drive into Valhalla Golf Club within heavy traffic.

Scheffler faces charges of reckless driving, second-degree assault, third-degree criminal mischief, and disobeying an officer’s traffic signals. All of these were denied by the athlete. 

It has since come to light that, despite regular operating procedures, arresting officer Bryan Gillis neglected to turn on his body camera before stopping, handcuffing, and arresting Scheffler.

Internal investigations and Scheffler 

“The internal investigation is still ongoing… Any policy violations that are revealed through the course of the investigation will be appropriately addressed according to protocol. The department intends to provide an additional update on the investigation on Thursday, 23 May,” Louisville’s chief of police Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel stated. 

Due to an accident near the course on Friday, where a pedestrian was killed after being struck by a shuttle bus, play at the event was delayed by 80 minutes. Scheffler, who was not in the collision, allegedly made an effort to escape the area before being apprehended by the police. 

In time for his second round at the US PGA Championship, he was released.  The world number one called the event a “big misunderstanding”.

However, the investigation continues as the officer reported regarding the incident that he was dragged to the ground and sustained “pain, swelling, and abrasions” to his left wrist and knee. 

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Source: BBC

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