SINGAPORE: “There are f***ing kids here. Stop it now,” said Liverpool left-back Andrew Robertson to fans at the recently-concluded Festival of Football (July 25 to Aug 2) at the National Stadium.

A video of one encounter has gone viral after fans got a little over-eager to meet the star. Robertson, widely perceived as one of the best full-backs in the world, can be heard saying, “Guys, stop f***ing pushing.”

The athlete telling people to chill was caught on video by TikTok user @fyqaaharsh, who then posted it on the platform on Aug 2. The video has got three million views.


Alexa, replay this 1000 times #robertson

♬ original sound – Afiqah Arshad – fyqaah

Robertson might have been more alarmed than usual because there were children around who could have got hurt if things got a little too rowdy. The Scottish footballer and his wife have two young children.

The incident occurred on Sunday, July 30, after Liverpool won the game against Leicester City, and the players walked around for a bit of a meet-and- greet, reported Mothership.

The TikTok user appears to be somewhat of a super fan, captioning her video, “Alexa, replay this 1000 times #robertson”

And she seemed especially happy because, as she showed in her next video, Robertson signed her jersey even as he was telling fans to calm down “amidst the chaos.”

@fyqaaharshBunch of hooligans at the back ?♬ original sound – Afiqah Arshad – fyqaah

Commenters on the video of Robertson telling people off were all for it, saying his use of swear words is “a Scottish thing.”


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