Team USA tried to bounce back from a devastating loss to Mexico on Sunday in its third game of the 2023 World Baseball Classic. For Team USA, Game 3 was begun by Lance Lynn of the Chicago White Sox.

The day started for Team USA with a strikeout from Lance Lynn, who smacked his fastball past Edouard Julien. After six innings, he was the game’s best player. Based on his performance, it appears that yesterday during the match against Mexico, Team USA most sorely needed him.

Undoubtedly, how well the United States played against Canada would determine if they could repeat as tournament champions.

Lance Lynn, Team USA’s true patriot

Lance Lynn of Team USA is sure proud to represent the United States in the 2023 World Baseball Classic game.

“You represent your country, so there’s really not much bigger you can do as an athlete besides winning a World Series. When you are representing your country, that’s pretty high up there,” he said.

The victory over Canada by Team USA has given Americans another reason to celebrate.

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