Tiger Woods, the golf legend, stole the show when he returned to his cherished Mac Daddy Santa persona. Santa’s clothing was worn by the 15-time Major Championship winner in a recent Taylormade commercial that was widely displayed on the sports equipment company’s X (formerly Twitter) platform.

Famous golfers, including Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood, and Nelly Korda were featured in the advertisement. Each of them was involved in a different holiday activity; some were carefully wrapping gifts, while others were in charge of the elaborate preparations. With Woods’ joyful comeback and Mac Daddy Santa’s sparkling addition, the scene between these elite golfers was riveting and gave fans a beautiful look into the festive spirit that these well-known sportsmen shared.

After the video went viral, Tiger Woods’ admirers got into heated arguments about how he looked, speculating on whether he was a body double or Woods himself. Fans were divided in their perspectives as they studied the video, searching for hints concerning the famous golfer’s involvement or possible stand-in. This heated debate captured attention.

Golf Magic fan wrote; “I’m saying 65% it’s not him.” an article from sportskeeda.com shared.

One golf fan claimed that Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods aren’t real in the commercial; “After having watched this at least two more times than is defensible, I’m prepared to argue that both Tiger and Rory are stunt doubles.” an article from sportskeeda.com shared.

When Tiger Woods shocked his followers in 2016 by taking on the persona of Mac Santa Daddy

Tiger Woods shocked everyone in 2016 when he revealed Mac Santa Daddy, his alter ego, in an eye-catching snapshot in which he was seen sporting a white goatee, black helmet, sunglasses, and a white wig while shirtless. In an open 2017 interview with the PGA Tour, Woods disclosed that this character is a part of his family’s cherished Christmas tradition, which is especially treasured by his children. Many were captivated by this charming portrayal’s distinctiveness, which gave a touch of charm to Woods’ Christmas celebrations.

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Tiger woods shared; “Every year I’ve become this character, Mac Daddy Santa. The kids absolutely love it. They love when I do something crazy, and last year I burned my face off trying to dye my goatee, which is never gonna happen again.” an article from sportskeeda.com shared.

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