Rumors of Deontay Wilder’s surprise performance on December 23 began to circulate following his recent defeat to Joseph Parker. Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren speculated that Wilder might have fought with an unreported injury, even though many others blamed the loss on an age-related deterioration in talent. Warren’s remarks have sparked attention once more, leading to a reevaluation of Wilder’s unconventional style of fighting and new inquiries regarding the real reason for his shocking defeat.

Warren said; “I was talking to [Deontay Wilder’s manager] Shelly Finkel and they were telling me that [Wilder] had a problem. He went into one of those Cryochambers and sat in it for a long time,” an article from mentioned.

Warren, Finkel, and Wilder have been silent regarding any possible injury details after the most recent defeat. In spite of this, the ‘Bronze Bomber’ thanked supporters in a video posted after the game. In an interview, Warren called Wilder’s performance “dreadful” and made predictions about the former WBC heavyweight champion’s uncertain future. Following his loss to Parker, the 38-year-old’s record is now 43-3-1, raising concerns about the future of the seasoned fighter and the course of Wilder’s career.

What was said by Deontay Wilder following his defeat by Joseph Parker?

After suffering the biggest career loss, Deontay Wilder faced the ramifications head-on and made a resolute move forward. Following the Day of Reckoning event, Wilder shared a powerful video on Instagram in which he frankly blamed his lack of timing and hesitation to throw blows for his defeat.

With a remarkably candid and polished demeanor, he recognized these important elements as crucial contributions to the result. In addition to breaking the taboo, his audacious decision to take the subject head-on demonstrates a resilient mentality dedicated to introspection and progress in the boxing world.

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Wilder said; “I don’t know what happened, to be honest. My timing was off and I didn’t throw my punches, I didn’t let my hands go like I was supposed to. Sometimes it gets like that. But, you know, you live to see another fight and you live to see another moment. That’s all that matters,” an article from mentioned.

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