American sprinter Erriyon Knighton, 20, is a rising star in track and field who is aiming for a gold medal and may perhaps challenge Usain Bolt’s legacy.

Knighton finished the Tokyo Olympics with a bronze. His choice to forego important contests this season has raised concerns about his preparedness for the US Track and Field Trials, though, and many are wondering whether he would not compete at all.

Knighton is waiting for a longer run.

Knighton’s unorthodox preseason approach has generated intense discussion among analysts and supporters alike.

While his rivals are fully engaged in the heat of the event, Knighton has taken a different route by purposefully withdrawing from multiple races. But Dwayne Regis, his coach, doesn’t waver, telling fans that every action is well thought out.

This systematic approach captures the imagination and gives fans a fascinating sense of what to expect from Knighton’s upcoming performances.

“Right now, the athlete has the final say on this matter.” Regis quoted to

Moving Away from Usain Bolt’s Shadow

Usain Bolt’s long-standing 200-meter World Junior record was broken by Knighton when he was just 17 years old. This accomplishment is extremely significant considering the current athletic pursuit of Bolt’s senior record.

While many competitors aspire to match Bolt’s iconic accomplishments, Knighton has already accomplished this feat at an incredibly young age, demonstrating his extraordinary potential and ushering in a new chapter in the history of sprinting.

He asserted his dedication to ongoing development in an interview with Men’s Health, saying with assurance that “the best is yet to come.” His maturity and commitment to his sport are demonstrated by this declaration.

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Knighton’s skill and tenacity are undeniable despite his recent absences. His season-long strategic focus is on performing at the very best during the trials, which serve as a vital prelude to the Olympics in Paris.

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