Phoenix Suns

In a response to the NBA’s probe results and verdict, the Phoenix Suns expressed their disappointment at the league on X, stating, “We are disappointed with the results of the NBA investigation. If there was a violation, it was inadvertent. We are focused on complying with league rules and competing at the highest level every year. With that being said, we accept the penalty from the league and are focused on looking forward to this season.”

The league issued a statement on Thursday confirming that the Phoenix Suns had engaged in free agency negotiations with the center/power forward Drew Eubanks, prior to the date on which such negotiations were permissible, in violation of league regulations.

As a result of this infringement, the Suns were subject to the forfeiture of their 2024 second-round Draft pick (owned by Denver) which they had obtained from Orlando in an earlier trade.

Drew Eubanks

Following a 78-game season with Portland last year, Eubanks signed with the Suns on a 2-year contract for a total of $5 million, reuniting him with Jusuf Kurkic. In his Suns debut, Eubanks scored four points with seven rebounds in 19 minutes off the bench as the Suns defeated the Golden State Warriors, 108-104, as per Clutchpoints.

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Suns fans reaction

In response to the Suns’ statement, numerous fans expressed their support for the organization, with some speculating that the league may have something against the Suns.

One user said, “Totally agree. It’s obviously a witch-hunt against our organization.” While another one added, “The NBA hates the Suns. LeBron spent his entire career talking to and organizing players into super teams with no repercussions. This is weak by the NBA who, by the way, has still never apologized to the Suns for a ref on the take throwing a series against them.”

Finally, another fan quoted Stephen A. Smith in the comments section: “When your a championship contender, draft picks really don’t mean much.”

Following a missed call by the referee during the Suns’ game against the Warriors, the Suns’ two prominent players, shooting guards Booker and Beal, sustaining injuries, and the subsequent loss of their 2024 draft pick, the Suns appear to have had a difficult season thus far.


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