Jimmy Butler’s emo phase came to an end on October 6 when Miami Heat’s official X published a practice video of him sporting his old trademark braids.

The snippet was captioned: “CONFIRMED: It was a phase. Jimmy still a dawg.”

In the video, the Heat’s guard was observed in a highly focused state at training camp, wearing his former hairstyle and a black headband.

Fans react to Jimmy Butler’s hair

Fans then flocked to the comment section and gushed about Butler, calling him a legend and saying that the video gave them ‘chills’.

“Jimmy is a legend 🫶🏼-@LuisMaysonet86”

“Just gave me chills admin-@HeatLoco”

According to Sports Illustrated, Coach Erik Spoelstra said that his emo look on NBA media day was simply Butler’s way of entertaining the media.

“I don’t really give it that much thought,” Spoelstra said of the new look. “It’s really not as much as (the media). He likes to come in to keep you guys off balance, and he came in today ready to work. That’s all that matters to me.”

In his Instragam, Butler also posted his teammates’ hilarious reaction to his look.

Bam Adebayo: “The whole lip ring is annoying.”

Jimmy Butler: “Look, I gotta stay in character.”

Bam: “Sh*t. You get a haircut for Media Day.”

Jimmy: “This is my halloween.” 😂

(via jimmybutler/IG)

This turned NBA fans into topsy-turvy and they were all left perplexed by Butler’s look.

However, during the press conference, he revealed that the look represented his ’emotional state.’ Fans were quick to point out that losing Dame in the Blockbuster trade and Holiday to the Celtics were likely the causes of his current state.

This drew a lot of attention on the X platform, and fans poked fun at his hair, calling him nicknames such as “Ball Out Boy” and “Jimmy Beat World”.

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