Back in the spotlight after being away for five games, Draymond Green faced the media in his usual calm demeanor, ready to take in the questions about the incident that got him suspended.

Green’s press conference

Almost two weeks have passed since the first-quarter scuffle between the Warriors and Timberwolves happened, but the memory is still fresh in anyone’s mind. And Green had made it so; it was far from the usual spat/altercation that we’ve seen on courts before.

Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels had a go at each other just two minutes into the game, and Gobert, who had come to separate the two, attempted to place his arm around Thompson. Upon seeing this, Green had emerged into the center of the scuffle almost immediately and dragged Gobert while placing him in a headlock. 

Except for Gobert, all three of them were ejected. The players were also subjected to a fine.

Green, on the other hand, received another penalty: a five-game suspension without pay. As per NBA’s reasoning, the suspension was due in part to his ‘history of unsportsmanlike behavior.’ 

When asked if he agreed that his past actions should carry weight in this situation, Green said that he has already paid for those and so they shouldn’t keep suspending him ‘for those actions.’

He then continued on, saying that he’s ready to come to a teammate’s defense anytime they needed him.

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“Especially with someone that I’ve been playing with for 12 years, that’s more than a teammate, that’s a brother,” Green said of Thompson. “If I’m your friend, I’m going to be there for you, right, wrong, or indifferent. You look to your side, and I’ll be right there if not in front of you.”

Green has no comment on Gobert’s remarks

Shortly after the incident, Gobert’s remarks made the rounds on the internet. The Timberwolves center said before the game that there was a big chance that Green would try to eject himself in the game because Curry wasn’t playing. He also added that it was just ‘clown behavior.’

Asked to comment about this, Green contemplated and went silent for a few seconds before saying, “No comment is a comment, right? Cool.”

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