In a captivating new ad, Sha’Carri Richardson and Athing Mu collaborate with Olay to showcase their skills with other female athletes, including soccer star Rose Lavelle, sport climber Natalia Grossman, and former gymnast Laurie Hernandez.

Richardson has received a lot of praise after winning both sprints at the 2023 World Championships and the 100m at the 2024 Eugene Diamond League’s Prefontaine Classic. The 24-year-old sprinter’s reputation as a top athlete is cemented as she continues to secure big business partnerships.

Nike athlete Richardson’s impressive endorsement portfolio is growing; she has partnered with high-profile brands like Android, Sprite, Nike x Jacquemus, Whoop, Beats by Dre, Air Max Dn, and Oikos. Her unique style and captivating demeanour have made her a standout figure in the track and field sports world.

Joining forces with track athlete Athing Mu for the brand’s new Cleansing Melts, two-time world champion Sha’Carri Richardson has embarked on her first beauty partnership with Olay. In an enthralling Instagram video, Richardson playfully renames “Olay” as “O-ladies”, sparking excitement for this empowering partnership between sports and beauty.

Regarding her earliest memory of beauty, Sha’Carri Richardson said, “My family members always dolled up.”

Sha’Carri Richardson enthrals not just with her amazing song performances but also with her alluring event-day look, which features dramatic lashes, vibrant hair colours, and stiletto-shaped nails.

This particular sense of style was deeply ingrained in her childhood, having been inspired by the women in her family who were always dressed and represented the idea of always being presentable.

Richardson’s own bold and expressive fashion choices were inspired by their unwavering determination to always looking put together, no matter the occasion. This helped to distinguish her with a distinctive charm that goes beyond the track.

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“I was raised in a home full of women, so my earliest recollection of beauty was simply watching my relatives look beautiful all the time. They maintained their particular fashions, beauty regimens, and hair rituals, and they always looked excellent.” she was quoted as saying by

Prior to her trip to Paris, Richardson collaborated with pop sensation Cardi B for an exclusive NBC interview that was shown during the Kentucky Derby in 2024. Their dynamic exchange brought two cultural titans into an explosive encounter that offered an exciting sneak peek at their future endeavours.


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